Magnetic Stripe Cards

Find blank Magnetic Stripe Cards at wholesale prices!

A Magnetic stripe card is a plastic card which has a magnetic stripe on it. Different kinds of information can be stored on the magnetic stripe.

Today magnetic stripe cards are widely used for

  • Banking (debit or credit cards)
  • Tickets issued for transportation or in parking lots.
  • Keys in hotels and other buildings
  • Systems to track working hours in companies

Magstripes come in two varieties:

HiCo (high coercivity) and LoCo (low coercivity). LoCo stripes require a lesser amount of energy to record, thus making them cheaper to produce, but easier to erase by strong magnetic fields. HiCo stripes, however, are much harder to erase and more resistant.
The two magnetic stripes are also optically different: LoCo stripes appear to be brownish, HiCo cards black. It is also possible, though, to colour the magnetic stripe.

We offer magnetic stripe cards with 300 Oe (LoCo) and 2750-4000 Oe (HiCo).