WISE CXD-80 ReTransfer ID Card Printer

WISE-CXD80 printer produces full-colour or monochrome cards in moments and it is ideal solution to print ID cards on demand or in volume.

Typical Applications

  • National ID cards, Driver licenses
  • Government & Military ID cards
  • High security access control ID cards
  • Law enforcement and correctional facility ID cards
  • Airport ID card

What is a ReTransfer Printer?

ReTransfer printers, commonly referred to as Over-The-Edge, Reverse Transfer, or HDP (High Definition Printer), have the capability to print over the entire surface of the pvc card. Moreover, Retransfer printers adhere the ribbon (image and data) to a separate film that is then adhered to the surface of the card. This means that the printer’s head will never touch the ID card directly. The advantages of a ReTransfer printer are a better looking card, a lifetime warranty on the expensive print head, and the ability to add on additional modules as needed. ReTransfer printers are best for high-volume, high-quality, enterprises and are most likely to be found in airports, universities and government agencies.

  • Detachable, and anytime-refillable hopper
  • Intuitive, and flexible function LCD panel
  • Removable and water-washable cleaning roller
  • Security locks on hopper & front door
  • Kensington lock
  • Inline encoding and lamination with optional unit
  • Environmentally-friendly compactness of design

Options & Upgrades
The WISE printer can be upgraded to any option you desire.

  • Magnetic Stripe Encoder
  • Contactless Encoder
  • IC Contact Encoder
  • Lamination unit (WISE-CL600)
  • Dye-Sublimation / Resin Thermal Retransfer
  • 300dpi with Full Bleed (Over-the-Edge)
  • Full colour and monochrome printing
  • Printing speed (YMCK): 90 cards / hour
  • USB 2.0 & Ethernet Connectivity
  • Real-time status LCD display with 2 LED buttons
  • Various encoding options
  • Upgradable Module: Laminator
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